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  • Real Bodies is a woman owned and managed company that designs, imports, distributes and retails a unique line of apparel. We specialize in beautiful batik and print fashions that are comfortable, affordable, and encourage the full expression of people of many shapes and sizes. Since its inception as a small home-based business in 1991, customers have enthusiastically embraced its philosophy. Real Bodies is located on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA. Our NetStore has been online since 1995.


  • Real Bodies was founded after realizing that traditional clothing outlets did not come close to meeting our personal needs in terms of fit, style and service. After careful consideration of the fashion industry, we decided to make a way to fulfill our needs and those of many other people as well. In the process, we think we have created a company that offers superior personalized service and quality products, and empowers customers to freely express their individuality.


  • While maintaining full time careers, we made a commitment to making Real Bodies a reality. Investing a modest amount of savings, we ordered prototype garments made to our specifications. Using friends and relatives as a test market, we found enthusiastic support for the concept, the comfortable and flattering fit, and the unique fabrics and designs. These were clothes made for "real bodies". Revenue from the first small orders was reinvested in more stock and a greater variety of styles. A succession of ever larger orders led to the opening of the Real Bodies storefront in Falmouth.


  • Real Bodies designs and imports its own unique line of clothing from Bali, Indonesia. The Balinese artisans there provide a vast selection of beautiful fabric designs and colors that satisfy a wide range of tastes and styles. Our Indonesia staff consists of expert tailors and seamstresses from Java and Bali. The atmosphere is that of a close-knit family. Patterns of flowers, sea life, birds, stars, moons and animals are skillfully blended into colorful bolts of fabric. Gorgeous prints offering a more subtle and sophisticated flavor are readily available.


  • The company focuses ninety percent of its effort on the production of a full line of feminine clothing. This line includes a variety of jackets, tops. blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, vests, caftans and scarves. An additional ten percent focuses on a unisex line that includes bathrobes, shirts, hats, vests and ties. Only the most fashionable American and European styles are chosen for the Real Bodies line. This combination of beautiful fabrics and fashionable styles makes our clothing line unique and pleasurable to wear.


  • The clothes are made predominately of 100% rayon . Rayon is a cool, comfortable, easy care natural fabric. Rayon and rayon blends are particularly flattering to people with "real bodies" because the fabric is loose and flowing. We also offer a selected line in cotton and cotton jersey fabrics.


  • The Real Bodies line of clothing fits people of many shapes and sizes, something that is especially appealing to our customers. Sizes range from petite to voluptuous. Many of our fashions are unique and one-of-a-kind. Since Real Bodies designs its own clothing, we are able to select from a wide range of fabrics, colors and patterns. This allows us to provide customers with the tools to develop their own style.


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"Real clothes for real bodies"
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