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  • Here are a few of the many customer comments we've received. Please send us yours.

    •  "I have complete trust in your selection of colors, as you are the owner of an AMAZING store full of beautiful, specially chosen clothing. ... Thanks so much for your help, and for your caring business relations with the good people of Bali; it's important to me that the lovely, quality things I acquire are created without exploitation. Long live Real Bodies!" - Denise, Connecticut
    • "I received my order today and I love everything!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! ...  I was so happy that your order arrived before my departure.  YOU’RE THE BEST (or, in current common vernacular, YOU ROCK!)" - Wanda, Utah
    • "I don't often take the time to compliment a nice experience, but I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your shop and how thrilled I was with your online catalogue. The two items I ordered were perfect and the delivery was in less than forty eight hours. I am torn between being unhappy that I do not live closer to Falmouth and the fact that if I did, I might be putting in a lot more overtime hours so I could shop there every week. Thanks again and I'm sure I'll find plenty to order on line." - JoAnne, Massachusetts
    • "what amazing service. the box arrived today. the shirt for me is terrific. a little snug at waist to be worn over pants, but will be fine tucked in. i may have the tailor shorten the sleeves a little.  pattern and colors are just fine - nice and subtle. ... many thanks for your extraordinary service -- especially valued in a pinch!" - Steve, California
    •  "Thanks again for your prompt service- I'm delighted that my first choices were available ... I'm actually glad that you checked about the shipping- Its a sign that you're paying attention to your customers' best interests! I heard about your company through a Google search. I was looking for Batik clothes, since we're dying up here with the heat and humidity. Our local shops don't carry much of a selection in summery stuff for people in my size range." - Liisa, New Hampshire
    •  "... received it yesterday and wearing the jacket today - thank you. I much appreciate your fine service and wonderful products." - Anna, New Jersey
    •  "I really liked the two pairs of shorts I got from you last year, so I thought I'd look you up and order some more now." - Deirdre, California
    •  "will take another (DR16) if you have it...thanks for your great service!" - Cynthia, Massachusetts
    • "Very nice!  Thanks!!  I loved wearing your clothes in Nepal!!" - Marsha, California
    •  "Hurray! JUST what I have always wanted!!!!!!" - Margareta, Sweden
    •  "Thank you for all your help." - Beth, Massachusetts
    •  "... many thanks for having such beautiful clothing.  I bought a batik jacket years ago in Denver, and have been looking for a place like yours ever since.  You will hear from me again." - Betty, Maryland
    •  "Best of luck to you--I love your web site and hope to visit your Falmouth store soon." - Della, Massachusetts
    •  "Your package arrived today, and my anticipation was thoroughly satisfied -- thank you! The colors you chose were perfect ... thanks for your prompt, personal service, and for getting everything exactly right. Keep up the good work!" - Denise, Connecticut
    •  "I searched on Google for things like rayon pants, rayon crinkle, Bali pants, import pants, Indonesian pants, etc. ... And boy, after doing a fairly exhaustive search, let me say that there just aren't a lot of other options out there, so you're a great find!" - Joy, California
    •  "I love the top/tunic I bought from you several years ago - it has held up well and I still get compliments. I've gone back several times to look at your site to buy more batik clothing..." - Stephanie, California
    •  "I'm happy to tell you how I heard about you. I wanted a new caftan and couldn't find anything I liked at local retail stores. So I got on line and did a search, probably Google, to find what I wanted. And there you were!!" - Jeryl, Illinois
    •  "I loved your fabrics and you were just what I was looking for." - Cindy, Wisconsin
    •  "I love dress #3!!  It is gorgeous fabric, fits great, and the colors suit me perfectly.  I am keeping it!  Will send #2 back tomorrow. Thank you so much for all your help. You are wonderful human beings!" - Deb, Washington
    •  "Just a quick note to say I've received the jacket and it's just as wonderful as I thought it would be. ... I'd certainly give you positive feedback ... As soon as I can afford it, I'll be getting another butterfly jacket." - Pam, Connecticut
    •  "I love my Real Bodies clothes. In fact, yesterday was the first of our four spring concerts ... and I wore my outfit. It looked and felt great. The best thing about it is I can wash it out in the sink, hang it up, and it looks great." - Toby, New York
    •  "Just want to thank you for your excellent customer service.  You've been so timely with all correspondence.  It's very refreshing!" - Jennifer, Florida
    •  "Thank you for your thoughtful and measured response" - Charlaine, New York
    •  "I received my order and am very pleased! Thank you again for your kind help! Until next time & hopefully not too long," - Tania, Montana

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