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  • Web Changes

    • This is where we'll announce the most recent changes and additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.
      • 06/27/09    Added Small Medium Large XLarge Plus size-specific thumbnail pages
      • 06/16/09    Added more new fabrics and styles, plus updated photos.
      • 06/09/09    Added new fabrics and styles
      • 05/16/07    Added customer comment page
      • 05/10/07    Cleaned up obsolete entries in our links page
      • 05/01/07    Added page for wholesale customers
      • 03/14/07    Added reverse look-up showing styles available by fabric.
      • 01/01/07    Over 225,000 visits since opening our E-doors!
      • 12/06/06    Added Verified PayPal as a payment option
      • 11/03/06    Added many new "solids" to our fabric selections
      • 12/03/05    Added new fabric selections
      • 06/20/05    Site goes live on new server with SQerL shopping cart.
      • 06/15/05    Major shipment of new merchandise arrives in port. Stay tuned!
      • 03/31/05    Our shopping cart checkout page is now secure!
      • 03/17/05    After 5 years, our shipping rates have increased a small amount.
      • 03/01/05    In the process of revamping the entire site.
      • 05/18/03    Added more new fabrics and a couple of new styles from the latest shipment.
      • 05/27/02    Added a toll-free phone number for ordering.
      • 05/20/02    More new fabrics, and a couple of new styles.
      • 05/31/01    Added new fabrics and styles. Removed obsolete fabrics.
      • 01/01/01    Added toll-free phone number for shop: 888-244-4188
      • 04/13/00    Added "Currently Featuring" to Home page
      • 04/12/00    Over 100,000 visits since opening our E-doors!
      • 04/10/00    Updated fabric selections. Added fabric SS014
      • 03/25/00    Added line-sheet pages for Fabrics and Styles.
      • 03/21/00    New styles are now listed. Check them out: BL19, BL22, CF02, DR25, DR27, DR29, JK15, JK16, JK21, JK22, RB01, TP38
      • 03/20/00    Our shipping rates have increased.
      • 02/15/00    Spring shipment has arrived. New items will be posted soon.
      • 12/01/99    Please note: our fax number has changed to 208-361-2495
      • 10/29/99    Added new fabric selections: AR011 AR012 AR013 AR014 AR015 AR016 AR017 AR018 AR019 BI022 BI023 BI024 BI025 BI026 BI027 BI028 BI029 FB001 RB114 RB115 RB116 SN017 SS010 SS011 SS012 SS013
      • 02/16/99    Fixed problem with Skirts department navigation.
      • 02/15/99    Relaxed our return policy, eliminating the restocking fee.
      • 02/14/99    Published link to new site.
      • 02/01/99    Shopping cart up and running in beta pages.
      • 01/01/99    Reworking web site to include shopping cart system.
      • 09/28/98    Added DR14 and DR18 to the full line page.
      • 07/02/98    Added a bunch more style pictures on the full line page and a bunch more fabrics on the colors page.
      • 03/18/98    Fixed problem with item field on order form.
      • 09/24/97    Removed some sold-out fabric selections.
      • 09/22/97    Removed response forms, pared down home page.
      • 05/31/97    Added dealer map.
      • 05/29/97    Added more TP32 designs.
      • 05/23/97    Added Majon award logo.
      • 05/21/97    Added Falmouth store hours.
      • 05/12/97    Cleaned up home page.
      • 05/11/97    Added CD01, TP32 and TP50 pages.
      • 04/20/97    Implemented new form handling script.
      • 04/07/97    Added Top Shopping Site logo. Moved a few elements around.
      • 03/16/97    Start putting up pages for T-Shirts and Cards.
      • 03/13/97    Clarify return policy language.
      • 03/10/97    Cleaned up GuestBook and order form a bit.
      • 02/06/97    Sold out of SA02/NI060DP. Posted note.
      • 01/29/97    Put up the "LPage Top 100 Site" award logo.
      • 01/06/97    Took down the Christmas tree and greeting card.
      • 12/01/96    Put up the Christmas tree and greeting card. Added catalog pages for the new merchandise. Moved new items from coming attractions to contents. Added URL-minder link to links page.
      • 11/19/96    Added NativeWeb to links page.
      • 11/16/96    Made formatting change in How You Found Us section. Hid a few things from URL-minder. Tweaked pre-loading of garment images to suppress frame borders.
      • 11/03/96    Added this history page. Cleaned up form language and presentations.
      • 11/02/96    Added URL-minder.
      • 12/01/95    First site pages go online.

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