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  • Where our clothes come from

    wpe1.jpg (8184 bytes) Bali is an island in the Indonesian archipelago. Our manufacturing facilities (in the outskirts of a village in central Bali) are owned by a Balinese man named Wirata and his wife Nyoman. Our Indonesian staff consists of expert tailors and seamstresses from Java and Bali. The atmosphere is like that of a close-knit family, and they really are masters at what they can do with fabrics.

    We keep (in the retail store) a photograph album of our latest trip there, that depicts a verdant, terraced paradise. The Wiratas and their employees all live together in a compound that incorporates the business, so it is a true family venture. Both men and women are employed, and a photograph of one Javanese tailor, Gog, hangs on the wall of the Real Bodies store. Our photos show the stages of work, beginning with the creation of patterns out of newspaper, on through the finished product. Another picture shows women sitting cross-legged on the floor doing the finishing sewing. The shop is immaculate, and is located in beautiful surroundings, nestled on a rice-paddied hillside that has belonged to Nyoman's family for many years.

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